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Tavernola - Locanda di Campagna
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Island from the charm without time, combination of sea, earth and sky, Capri is the divine miracle that has enchanted lettered, poets and artists that visiting it, they have been spellbound from its extraordinary beauty and  have decided to settle on the island bringing a cultural contribution of great relief.
The history confirms that the August emperor was attracted by its landscape, Tiberio decided to spend  his last years of his life. The Isle was conquered by the Norman  in 1331, it had a phase of decadence during the  Middle Ages. The XIV century represents the epoch of the revival for Capri thanks to the numerous artistic works realized from the Angioinis and Aragonese  as the Chartreuse of St. Giacomo.
The Romanticism was for Capri a century of renewal and modernization thanks to the German lettaratis that celebrated the paradisiacal nature and its magic of escape. Today the tourist can space among the sea, the cultural visits crossing paths feel in contact with Mother Nature.
Archaeological rests worthy of mention era: Villa of August and the Baths of Tiberio but also Umberto square (better known as the piazzetta) it in the place of meeting of  Vip, and still  Tower of the clock, Church of Saint Stephen with of forehead Building Cerio.
But the art is not enough, the nature plays an important role contributing to enrich Capri Island,  Cave of Matromania or Punta Tragara from where it opens the panorama on the Faraglionis, the three great rocks  which the two taller they have called Stella and Scopolo.

Locanda Tavernola

Via G. Noschese, 26
84091 Battipaglia (SA)


Tavernola Locanda  di Campagna di Rocco Rosa
VAT 0377673065

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 40.58982
Longitude: 14.95044
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