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Tavernola - Locanda di Campagna
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Amalfi can be defined as the historical soul of the coast.
It is a city that surprises for its geographical conformation: to human eye Almalfi introduces itself  as a picture of great fame: behind the mountains with colored houses, more in low the center with architectural wealths roads and  the Cathedral with its imposing staircases up to reach the sea, other natural and historical heritage of the city.

It knew, in fact, a period of shine between X and XI century, when it was Italian Maritime Republic together with Pisa, Genoa and Venice.
Amalfi entertained commercial relationships with the east importing products of notable merit such as  coffee, spice, paper and carpets.
Today the tourist can retrace   these  golden centuries thanks to the "historical boat Race of the Maritime  Republics ", it is an  event  thath develops  every four years in the month of June.  
Unfortunately Amalfi lost its  economic and commercial independence with the advent of the Norman  before, and with the Angioinis and the Aragonese subsequently.
The City knew a renewal time thanks to the practice of the "Grand Tour" started in the XVII century that has brought to the exploitation of its specificities as landscape, architecture, beaches, wine and food: such as the famous " sfusato amalfitano" from whose peel is drawn the famous liquora "limoncello" that you can taste, together with the other dishes of the Amalfi kitchen near our Locanda Tavernola.
The tourism to Amalfi introduces a combination of elements that satisfies  completely the tourist:  beaches allow to enjoy and  observe a wonderful landscape. The Cathedral, the Chiostro of the Heaven, of the Crucifix, they are some of the historical places that allow to satisfy the interested cultural traveller .

Locanda Tavernola

Via G. Noschese, 26
84091 Battipaglia (SA)


Tavernola Locanda  di Campagna di Rocco Rosa
VAT 0377673065

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 40.58982
Longitude: 14.95044
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