Amalfi Coast Print
Amalfi Coast is  placed between Positano and Vietri , it  constitutes where one of the most enchanting natural landscapes where  the look of the tourist loses.
The origin of its name originates from the city of Amalfi historical and geographical fulcrum of the Coastline.
Said also Divine Coast, it contains in itself a series of famous municipalities as Atrani, Maiori, Marina Piccola Positano, Ravello and Vietri sul Mare.
The tourist here is pleasantly surprised by its silence,  mild climate that characterizes itself, and the historical hotels and not in which he allows to cuddle.
there are a fìgreat number of places to visit:  Cathedral in Amalfi, Church of Saint Maria Assunta in Positano, Villa Cimbrone and villa Rufolo in Ravello the Roman Villa in Marina Piccola, church of St. Basin Pancrazio..
Amalfi Coast has been declared Patrimony of the humanity from the Unesco bacause is  culture and landscape resources need to be protect. preserved for his/her exceptional rarity.